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Netta (JD, 2017) partnered with the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) where she researched legal reform and wrote a petition about asbestos regulation in Canada to the Minister of Health, Minister of the Environment, and Public Services & Procurement. Netta combined her Biology background with her legal studies in the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinical program. She also applied her teaching experience to co-develop a Public Legal Education workshop for high school students in cooperation with Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS). Netta completed her Honours Bachelor degree in Biology at York University, where she focused her studies on conservation, biodiversity and ecology, and served as the president of the Biology Society. She piloted and managed a digital repository project hosted in York University's institutional repository, Yorkspace. This project inspired her to study law as she learned about copyright issues surrounding the open access movement. Netta is a recipient of the Student Achievement Award presented by Mackenzie Health, where she volunteered 150 hours for the Hospital Elderly Life Program (H.E.L.P.) in the Long-term Care Unit. Netta is currently volunteering for the Law in Action Within Schools (L.A.W.S.) Program. In her spare time, Netta enjoys being outdoors, painting and baking.

Empowering Youth and Communities through Public Legal Education

I had the honour of interacting with youth from many parts of the world during my extensive teaching and summer camp experience prior to attending law school. I carried my teaching experience forward as a volunteer with the Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS) program, which seeks to “provide a positive and engaging exposure to […]