Our Horizon


Our Horizon is a non-profit organization that advocates to secure passage of municipal, provincial, and/or federal laws that would require climate change disclosure labels on gas pumps. Dozens of municipal councils across Canada have passed resolutions in support of the concept and called on other orders of government to implement it. Last year, our advocacy resulted in a historic global first when a municipality in BC legislated the concept locally. In Ontario, councils in Oakville, Guelph, Waterloo, Kitchener, and Pickering have all passed resolutions in support of the idea.

Our plan is to continue to advocate for the concept at the local level and leverage this support for action at the provincial and federal level. We've also developed a global database of thousands of email addresses from politicians around the world to spread the concept more widely. With similar labels on tobacco packages all over the world, we believe that this idea has been primed to go global.