Past Students

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Students 2021-2022

Matthew Apostolides 

After completing an Honours BA in French Studies and Contemporary Studies at the University of King’s College, Matthew is now a 3L student in Osgoode’s tax law curricular stream as well as the environmental justice and sustainability clinic this year. He is increasingly interested in the intersection between environmental regulatory compliance and tax policy, in particular relating to the internationalization of domestic law in both spaces. That said, although both areas have overarching implications on the world stage, the work he is most passionate about happens at the local level. Matthew sees cycling advocacy in Toronto as a microcosm for important legal, economic, and political issues such as access to food, housing and justice more broadly; economic empowerment and grassroots education; as well as a more complete understanding of the environmental externalities of various infrastructure and tax policy decisions. Matthew is generally happiest when riding around Toronto on his bike.

Matthew Green

Matthew is in his second year at Osgoode Hall Law School. He is interested in environmental & Indigenous law, climate change litigation, the role of artificial intelligence in administrative decision-making, and ethical issues surrounding scientific uncertainty. Matthew completed his undergraduate degree at the University of King’s College in Halifax and his master’s at the University of Cambridge, both in the history and philosophy of science. In Halifax, he was the student volunteer coordinator for the ENRICH (Environmental Noxiousness, Racial Inequity, and Community Health) Project and a community organizer supporting Sipekne’katik First Nation’s challenge to the Alton Gas natural gas storage project. The goals and principles of grassroots movements and community advocacy continue to inform his approach to the law and environmental justice.

Dylan Gold

Dylan is in his second year at Osgoode. Before law school, he completed an MA in Social and Political Thought, where he studied philosophy, political science, economics, and English. He came to law school to learn how to apply the analytical tools he developed in graduate school to real-world problems. Since starting law school, Dylan has worked as a research assistant for two professors, and as a summer student at a criminal law boutique. He has also undertaken a thesis-length study of causation in Canadian law, which he will complete over the next two years under the supervision of Distinguished Research Professor Allan Hutchinson. Dylan loves the outdoors and is passionate about pursuing sustainable development for future generations. In his spare time, he likes taking long walks, playing the piano, and composing music.

Sheren Kamaei

Sheren is a second-year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. Before coming to Osgoode, she completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto in Ethics, Society and Law as well as Peace, Conflict and Justice. While in law school, Sheren has been actively involved in The Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC), on the executive committee of the Osgoode Mooting Society and Legally Bright, and as a member of Osgoode’s Labour & Employment Law Society (OLELS). Sheren developed an interest in environmental justice whilst participating in a forum on Indigenous-Settler Relations. While participating in this clinic, Sheren is eager to learn more about Indigenous Protected Conservation Areas along with other important topics that pertain to environmental law. Outside of law school, Sheren enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, spending time with her cat and going camping.

Nikolas Koschany

Nikolas is a second year student at Osgoode, with five years professional’ experience in urban and regional land use planning alongside their legal skillset. Nikolas holds an Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, with honours, from the university formerly known as Ryerson, and was also the Ryerson Gold Medal Winner at graduation. Recently, Nikolas completed a summer placement at Davies Howe LLP, a planning law and litigation firm, to which they will be returning next summer. Nikolas is an advocate on housing rights and in their spare time also directs a local parks group, Friends of the Linear Parks. Outside of law and planning, Nikolas spends time with their wife Kim, and enjoys video games, cycling, photography and bird watching.

Isabel McMurray

Isabel McMurray is in her second year at Osgoode, focusing on environmental, Indigenous, and Aboriginal law. Isabel completed her undergraduate degree at Carleton University, graduating with a Bachelor of Humanities with high distinction in 2016. After graduation, she worked at the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada where her latent environmentalist tendencies were sparked into a passion for environmental law. She worked as a policy analyst where she helped develop the Indigenous policy framework to support the new Impact Assessment Act. Isabel remains a policy wonk at heart but is learning how to be a lawyer. Outside of law school, Isabel is an avid cyclist, an amateur birdwatcher, and loves to make things with her hands.

Yalda Mousavi

Yalda is a second-year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. She completed her Honors Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto, focusing on health science, psychology, and gender studies. During law school, Yalda has been actively involved in the Community & Legal Aid Services Program (CLASP), on the executive committee of Osgoode’s Health Law Association, and as a member of Osgoode’s Animal Justice group. Yalda has worked as a researcher and policy analyst at CanAGE, as well as the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE), where she learned the impact of the intersections of age, race, class, and environmental health. Yalda is excited to expand her understanding of environmental justice and sustainability, and hopes to bring in the unique intersectional lens she developed through her diverse studies. Outside of law school, Yalda enjoys working out, searching for new coffee spots downtown Toronto, and spending time with friends.

Rebecca Murray

Rebecca is a 3rd-year student at Osgoode. They hold a B.A. Hons. in Justice, Political Philosophy, and law from Mcmaster University. Rebecca took a less common route to post-secondary education and spent most of their 20s as a community organizer in Hamilton, Ontario, focusing on issues of environmental protection and police reform. It was this community activism that inspired them to pursue post-secondary education as a mature student. They have spent the last 6 years working at a registered charity providing cycling education and bicycle repair courses to marginalized and northern first nations communities within Ontario. Rebecca spends their free time riding mountain bikes and climbing with friends and their dog, Ron.

Gwen Wren

Gwen is a second year JD student at Osgoode. She completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at McGill University where a 5 month field study in East Africa sparked a keen interest in the intersection of climate change and human rights. Gwen works as  research assistant with the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, established by the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she hopes to learn more about the potential of climate litigation, and learn ways to leverage law to fight climate change, and contribute to a just transition. In her spare time, Gwen is an avid reader, runner & NYT recipe follower.

Alicja Wolanski

Alicja is in her second year at Osgoode. Her passion for environmental protection evolved from her interest in animal rights. She has a BFA from OCAD University where the artistic works of artists with strong environmentalist leanings such as Emily Carr further fueled her desire to get tangibly involved in environmental protection. After art school she spent some time doing outreach for environmental organizations such as Environmental Defense and learned the various strategies these types of organizations implement to enact environmental change. Also at this time she became cognizant of how profoundly environmental issues intersect with human rights. Alicja wants to utilize her time here at Osgoode to learn how to effectively engage with these complex issues in a legal arena. She loves interacting with nature any chance she gets and is an avid hiker and kayaker. She also likes to garden and indulge her artistic side by painting the occasional landscape.

Students 2020-2021


Carolyn Grandy

Carolyn is in her second year at Osgoode and has an interest in international environmental law and solid waste management and law. She became interested in these areas of law during her first year of the JD program. Carolyn completed her Bachelors in the Specialist Co-operative Program in International Development Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  At Osgoode, Carolyn is part of the executive team for the Osgoode Environmental Law Society.  Outside of law school, Carolyn enjoys snowboarding, gardening, dance, and cooking.

Jin Xu

Originally from Dezhou, Shandong, China, and having spent the majority of his life in Ottawa, Jin is in his second year at Osgoode. Coming from a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Ottawa, Jin was a step away from writing his MCAT and entering Med school before realizing his deep fear of blood. Since then, Jin wrote his LSAT and hasn’t looked back. Through the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic, Jin hopes to use his science background and legal  education to give back to the community and learn more about the various facets of environmental law. In his free time, Jin is an avid reader of fantasy and is seeking to improve his abilities to cook and bake.

Jonathan Walls

Jonathan is a third-year student at Osgoode, with an interest in the intersection of aboriginal law, environmental law, and constitutional law. Jonathan credits his lifelong interest in environmental protection to annual summer family camping trips. Before coming to Osgoode, Jonathan completed his undergraduate degree in theatre and English at the University of Toronto. After completing his undergraduate studies, Jonathan honed his love of storytelling and collective creation in the Toronto theatre scene. Through the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic, Jonathan hopes to combine his love of amplifying those important stories which dearly need to be heard in the public forum with his desire to work on solutions to environmental issues, which often do not get the public recognition they deserve. Outside of school, you can find Jonathan reading, cooking, or, in the summertime, canoeing Ontario's lakes and waterways.

Lauren Graham

Lauren is in her second year at Osgoode. Before law school, she completed her Bachelor of Environmental Studies at York University, with a focus in environmental politics. During her time at York, Lauren participated in the study abroad program at the Las Nubes campus in Costa Rica. This experience added to her interest in Indigenous rights and land claims, which she hopes to explore in her time at the clinic.

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys hiking along the Bruce trail, recording music, and creative writing.

Neil MacIsaac

Neil was born and raised in Sydney, Nova Scotia and currently lives in Toronto. He studied history at the University of Toronto, focusing primarily on Canadian history in the interwar years. After working office jobs and tutoring for a few years, he decided to pursue law and is now in his second year at Osgoode Hall Law School. His primary interests are in environmental and poverty law, with particular focus on how housing policy affects both. This past summer he worked as a research assistant and he is currently the Junior Director of Appeals at Fair Change Community Legal Services.

He enjoys trivia, biking, and watching movies (at home, regrettably)."

Peter Hillson

Peter Hillson is in his second year at Osgoode and is enrolled in the joint JD-Masters in Environmental Studies Program. He completed his undergraduate at McMaster University in the Arts and Science Program with a combined honours in political science. He is particularly interested in the intersections between political economy and environmental law, especially pertaining to climate change policy. He has worked in a number of legal research positions and hopes to continue investigating the many nuances of environmental law after graduation. Outside of school he enjoys watching films, playing squash, and experimenting with new vegetarian recipes.

Sharon Mai

Sharon is in her third year at law school. Before coming to Osgoode, Sharon earned her Bachelor of Environmental Studies in the International Development program at the University of Waterloo, focusing on the implications of development on the environment. Sharon has spent her time at Osgoode building a stronger foundation in environmental law and  International law. She firmly believes that the future of environmental rights will require strong efforts from within individual nations and the international community in concert.

Outside of school, Sharon spends her time baking, drawing, making music and painting.


Students 2019-2020

Edith Barabash
Edith completed her Bachelor of Environmental Studies at York University. Her love for the environment was sparked in high school when she started working for a local organic farmer. Throughout the years, she has spent many summers doing farming internships, and learning about the importance of sustainable agricultural and the need for responsible farming practices to combat food insecurity. Now, Edith is the co-founder and executive director of Farmhouse Garden Animal Home, a not-for-profit animal rescue that saves farmed animals from slaughter. She is also the co-president of Osgoode Hall Animal Justice, through which she hopes to raise awareness about the need for stronger animal protection laws in Canada. In her spare time, Edith loves hiking, thrift stores, and playing piano. class

Ryan Chawner
Originally from Edmonton, AB, Ryan is in his second year at Osgoode Hall Law School. He credits his passion for environmental protection and conservation to annual childhood vacations to the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta in political science and philosophy and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Toronto in political science, specializing in political theory. After completing his academic studies, Ryan worked for the Office of the City Clerk with the City of Edmonton, where he helped facilitate citizen engagement with the democratic process. Through the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic, Ryan hopes to synthesize his interests in democratic engagement, political theory, and the environment. Outside of law school, Ryan’s primary interests are reading, running, cooking, and watching Liverpool Football Club.

Madhavi Gupta
Madhavi is a second-year student at Osgoode. She completed her Bachelors in Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto, with a minor in Spanish and Environmental Geography. Before law school, she went to Spain for a year to teach English and travelled to several countries including Morocco, Vienna, and Ireland. Her end goal was always law school, however, upon entering her undergrad she became very passionate about environmental issues and she hopes to use her law degree to effect positive change for the environment. In law school, she is the online editor for Obiter Dicta, the school's newspaper, and this summer she worked for Professor Dayna Scott on various legal and environmental issues. Her hobbies include reading fantasy, all types of dancing, and baking.

Grace Hermansen
Grace is in her second year at Osgoode, with an interest in the intersection of constitutional, aboriginal and environmental law. Grace completed her undergraduate degree at UBC in philosophy and environmental social sciences and it was during this time that Grace realized she wanted to pursue a degree in law. While volunteering with a climate advocacy group, she witnessed law as an effective, respected and powerful tool that is an important component in the movement toward large-scale institutional and governmental action on climate change that respects the interests and rights of Indigenous peoples. At Osgoode, she participated in the Anishinaabe law camp, she is an executive member of Osgoode’s Environmental Law Society, and she volunteers with Butterfly, an organization that provides legal resources for Asian and migrant sex workers. In her free time, Grace is an avid gardener and fair-weather cyclist.

Mikaela Kyle
Mikaela is in her third year of the joint JD/MES program. Before coming to Osgoode she completed her undergraduate degree in English and Contemporary Studies at the University of King’s College in Halifax. Mikaela decided to go into law as a way of combining her love for writing and her desire to work on solutions to environmental issue. She is interested in a variety of areas from renewable energy transitions to climate change in general, furthermore she has worked on a variety of projects that deal with Canadian waterways and water rights. In her spare time Mikaela loves to cook, paint and run.




Shahrzad Lari

Shahrzad earned her undergraduate degree in criminology and history, but also has a background in real estate – which is where she first started developing an interest in environmental law. Shahrzad firmly believes that a healthy environment should be the baseline for all economic development and has concentrated her studies in law school on the intersection of property rights, municipal governments, land use and planning, and environmental protection in the legal system. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, studying history, and drawing.



Patrick McCaugherty
Patrick is in his second year at Osgoode Hall with an interest in environmental and Indigenous law. Specifically, Patrick is interested in land and species protection and conservation. Patrick completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Manitoba in criminology and psychology. During his time in undergrad, Patrick took multiple trips to National Parks across Canada and the USA. It was on these trips that Patrick realized he had a strong passion for the environment and an interest in protecting these the natural world. At Osgoode, he is on the executive team for Osgoode's Environmental Law Society, Osgoode's Earth Law Club and has worked for Professor Dayna Scott to learn more and further his interests in environmental law. Outside of Osgoode, Patrick enjoys sneakers, cooking, biking and planning his next trip to a National Park.

Sarah Murphy

Sarah completed her undergraduate degree in Honours Anthropology at Mount Allison University in 2017. Her undergraduate work focused primarily on Indigenous matters and cultural competence. After a gap year spent working in her hometown of Montreal, Sarah began her studies at Osgoode and is now a 2L student. Some of her favourite activities at Osgoode have included the Anishinaabe Law Camp, mooting, and working with the Osgoode Women’s Network (OWN). She is aiming to gain a strong background in environmental law and justice so that she can better understand the changing dynamics and incorporate environmental considerations into her future law practice. Outside of law school, Sarah enjoys skiing, cooking, rug-hooking, and travelling.

Alexandra Potamianos

Ally is in her second year at Osgoode Hall Law School. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in Human Geography where she became interested in learning more about how environmental law could be used to facilitate systemic change. In law school, Ally is part of the Osgoode Peer Support Centre’s executive team and is a Junior Editor for the Journal of Law and Social Policy. Outside of law school, she enjoys cooking and running.


Students 2018-2019

Alex Dumais 

Alex is proudly born and raised in the west coast community of Langford, British Columbia just outside of Victoria. He attributes his love for the environment from his father, a former naval officer, and his mother, a geologist, and teacher, who taught him about the beautiful natural world while growing up sailing and camping around the coastal waters and lush forests of British Columbia. Alex came to law school with the goal to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the world around him. Alex completed his Bachelor of Arts in history at the University of Victoria in 2016. It was during this time that he became inspired to learn more about environmental law after taking courses relating to Canadian environmentalism and policy. Alex is also a member of the Métis Nation of British Columbia and worked on the board of directors with the Métis Nation of Greater Victoria for a year prior to law school. Away from law school, Alex loves to play sports, specifically baseball where he continues to play competitively each summer.

Christina Persaud 

Christina in now entering her third year at Osgoode Hall Law School and is delighted to join the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic. Prior to attending law school, Christina completed an undergraduate degree across the way at the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, and went on to work in the corporate sector doing energy audits and environmental compliance. During law school, Christina continued to be interested in the human rights and public health aspects of environmental law and worked as a research assistant in human rights, and for a large corporation in health and safety throughout her previous two years at Osgoode. During her free time, Christina loves weightlifting, playing piano, eating chocolate, and walking barefoot in the grass.


Erik Gülløyen

Erik came to law school with vague ideas of changing the world, having previously worked in circumpolar affairs and policy at DFATD, in personal banking, and as a whale trainer. It wasn’t until this previous summer, when he was working with the Maya Leaders Alliance in Belize, that he realized that his life trajectory was naturally leading him to environmental law. Within Osgoode, Erik is the Deputy Director of the Osgoode International Legal Partnership program, and an upper-year mentor. Outside of Osgoode, Erik enjoys running, hiking, and boardgames.




Graham Reeder

Graham is in his second year at Osgoode, having completed his Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology at College of the Atlantic and his Master of Environmental Studies in the urban planning stream at York University. After finishing his undergraduate degree, Graham  spent a year working with communities experiencing climate change impacts in Norway, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and the Maldives as a Watson Fellow. He has served as an advisor to developing country negotiating teams at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for four years. He is deeply engaged in Osgoode’s student community, serving as the Vice Chair of Student Caucus, the co-president of the Osgoode OUTlaws, and a Senior Editor for the Osgoode Hall Law Journal. In his free time, Graham enjoys cycling, cooking, and gardening.

Isabel Dávila

Isabel Dávila is from Ecuador, where she attended law school for three years and worked as a paralegal. As a law student in Ecuador she learned about the country’s constitutional and legal framework which gives nature an exclusive set of rights and legal personhood of its own. She has worked on cultivating a culture of non-violence, sensitization and environmental practices with the “Escuela de Líderes” since the age of 14. She’s worked at the Women’s Human Rights Education Institute and as a Research Assistant for the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project. At Osgoode, she is the Osgoode Sustainable Director for the Environmental Law Society and volunteers with the International Refugee Assistance Project. In her spare time Isabel enjoys contemporary and ballroom dance and is an avid Barcelona FC fan.


Jennifer Fischer

Jennifer completed her Bachelor of Management, majoring in Sustainable Environment and Resource Management at Dalhousie University in 2015. She is interested in and appreciates the complexity of balancing social, economic and environmental considerations in decision-making processes. At the same time, she has a firm belief that there can be no economy or society without a healthy environment, and hopes to protect earth while collaborating with industry and the public. Jennifer had the opportunity to attend the Anishinaabe Law Camp in 2017, which showed her the breadth and beauty of Indigenous legal traditions and culture. She is aiming to incorporate Indigenous laws and voices in environmental policy reform during this transitional period in Canada’s environmental regime. Jennifer is the co-Director of Sustainability for the Environmental Law Society, undertaking hands-on projects to improve sustainability at Osgoode. She enjoys backcountry camping, yoga, Vedic astrology, running, concerts and vintage shopping.

Piotr Rak

Piotr came to Canada as a political refugee from Poland in 1989. He has been passionate about the government’s role in shaping environmental policy from a young age. While completing his undergraduate degree in Global Political Studies at York University, Piotr specialized in Middle East and European Affairs. As a Master’s student at Queen’s University in Kingston, Piotr’s Major Research Paper was entitled “Environmental Policy: Poland and its Accession to the European Union.” Starting this fall, Piotr will be part of the executive team of Osgoode’s Environmental Law Society. Apart from studying, Piotr spends his time playing tennis, reading about history and politics, hiking, watching soccer (serious Liverpool supporter – YNWA), and drinking red wine.

Riel Hishon

Riel is a third year student at Osgoode, having completed her undergraduate degree in economics at the University of British Columbia. Prior to coming to law school, she worked for the City of Toronto in the Environment and Energy Division. In law school, she has volunteered as a student caseworker at Rexdale Community Legal Clinic and participated as an oralist in the Laskin moot. This past summer she worked for the Ministry of the Attorney General, where she will also complete her articles. Outside of law school, Riel enjoys reading, playing softball and basketball, swimming, and sewing.


Yvonne Mazurak

Before coming to Osgoode Hall Law School Yvonne served as Chief of Staff to Marc Kielburger, Co-Founder of WE. Her professional career, however, first began in the environmental field while completing her Bachelors of Environmental Studies (with a specialization in Environmental Politics). As a student, she interned for the US Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Energy, and, following graduation, worked for a small-scale biodiesel company in Kampala, Uganda. After later completing her Masters in Political Science, she gained experience in Municipal government, first at the City of Toronto and then at the City of Buffalo. She looks forward to re-engaging with environmental issues through her time at the EJS Clinic. In her spare time, she loves travelling and sewing clothes.



Students 2017-2018

Cameron Smith

Cameron SmithCameron completed his undergraduate degree at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management studying International Management and Managing for Sustainability. He holds a keen interest in examining the intersections of economics with environmental and social awareness in the business world. Before coming to Osgoode, Cameron worked with the federal government in a position focusing on facilitating trade between Canadian clean technology companies, particularly those in the renewable energy sector, and foreign government investors primarily located in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Outside of school, he enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time in cottage country!


Nicole Daniel

Nicole DanielBefore coming to Osgoode Hall Law School Nicole was in PhD program and teaching Latin, but the desire to serve the broader community drove her to law school. She has always been an avid lover of animals and concerned for environmental issues, and after completing her first year at Osgoode, she is particularly interested in toxic torts and environmental rights as human rights. Nicole is always trying new sports and in her spare time aims to reach personal bests with the barbell or climb a more challenging rock wall.



Hina Farooqi

Hina FarooqiHina is in her second year of the JD program at Osgoode where she hopes to develop the necessary skills to focus her career on public advocacy and policy reform. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto majoring in Ethics and Law, with minors in earth science and bioethics. It is Hina’s interest in sustainable development, conservation, and environmental ethics, coupled with a lifelong curiosity about nature and wildlife, that has motivated her to participate in the EJS clinic. Prior to beginning law school, she interned at the Investigations and Enforcement branch of the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change where she was introduced to the legal, regulatory, and public policy sides of environmentalism. Hina’s pastimes include playing basketball, watching competitive gymnastics, reading science fiction novels, and becoming excessively invested in reality TV shows.

Aaron Cressman

Aaron CressmanAs a young child, Aaron had the pleasure of meeting Dr. David Suzuki, which kick-started his interest in sustainability and conservation. During his undergrad at Queen’s, Aaron pursued these interests through his work at Queen’s Environment and Sustainability Commission, where he helped facilitate a campus-wide composting program for students in residence, and by taking courses on environmental public policy. At Osgoode, Aaron developed an interest in litigation through mooting and gained experience working as a research assistant to Mr. Dan Bergeron, Osgoode’s artist in residence. Aaron’s passion for environmental conservation is buoyed by his love of camping and traveling which he developed working at summer camp and living in the Rockies for a year. He also has a love of music which has resulted in an ever-expanding record collection and continuous attempts to learn the guitar.

Christie McLeod

Christie McLeodPrior to beginning law school, Christie was the Executive Director of Mondetta Charity Foundation, an NGO that partners with local organizations in East Africa. Christie is also the Founder & Managing Director of Human Rights Hub Winnipeg, a platform to promote events and initiatives taking place in Winnipeg's vibrant human rights sector. Christie became interested in environmental justice while working closely alongside Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, a community that sources Winnipeg's water supply, yet has been under a 20-year boil water advisory itself. This past summer, Christie spent the summer working in the Environment & Human Rights Division of Human Rights Watch. She is very engaged in Osgoode's student community, serving on the Executive teams of Osgoode's Environmental Law Society, the Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights - Osgoode Chapter and the Osgoode Feminist Collective, and is also co-directing the Mock Trial Band and acting as a Senior Editor for the Osgoode Hall Law Journal. In her spare time, Christie is an aerial hoop enthusiast and avid Winnipeg Jets fan.

Adam Ferris

Adam FerrisAdam is in his third year of Osgoode’s Juris Doctor/ Master in Environmental Studies (“JD/MES”) program. After graduating from his undergraduate degree in Urban Studies at the University of Calgary, Adam worked for two and a half years at the Alberta Ministry of Municipal Affairs. His role involved consulting with municipal stakeholders and advising community members on land use planning legislation. Since entering the JD/MES program, Adam has spent his summers working for the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs as a Land Use Planning Assistant and as a summer student with an Alberta law firm.  Adam’s interest in sustainability revolves around the outcomes of municipal and provincial government decision making, with a particular focus on urban planning and the built environment. Throughout his time in the program, Adam has acted as the student representative on the Faculty of Environmental Studies Urban Planning Subcommittee and volunteered as an Administrative Law Caseworker with Osgoode’s Community and Legal Aid Services Programme. In his free time, Adam enjoys exploring new cities, playing soccer, and camping.

Jacklyn Tuckey

Jacklyn TuckeyJacklyn is in her second year at Osgoode, having completed her Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies at U of T, with a double minor in French and Spanish. She has worked as a student writer and photographer for the newspaper in her hometown of Barrie, and now has the privilege to work as Arts and Culture Editor for Osgoode’s own Obiter Dicta. She has also been involved with Osgoode’s Environmental Law Society.  Over the summer, Jacklyn worked at a Simcoe County firm where she was fortunate to gain experience in many different areas of law. While she enjoyed her work with real estate, wills and estates, and corporate/commercial law, she has missed her studies in the environment and is excited to gain experience and knowledge in the field over the course of this year.  Outside of school, Jacklyn has a passion for her community, having volunteered at an exotic wildlife sanctuary in the Barrie area and being involved in the local Rotary club. She is looking forward to expanding her involvement to include organizations in the Toronto area and beyond.

Amanda Spitzig

Amanda is currently in her third year of Osgoode Hall/York University’s Juris Doctor/Master in Environmental Studies (“JD/MES”) program where her research focuses on the intersection of environmental and Indigenous law in Canada. She has a strong interest in exploring the impacts of resource extraction projects on Indigenous communities in Canada, and hopes to use the law as a tool to empower change in this area. At Osgoode Hall, she currently sits on the executive of the Environmental Law Society. Amanda has also spent time volunteering with Osgoode’s Community and Legal Aid Services Programme as an Administrative Law Caseworker, assisted a Prince Edward County community group with the judicial review of a wind turbine project, provided research assistance related to mining projects in Latin America to the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project, as well as provided research assistance to the Assembly of First Nations. She has also worked as research/graduate assistants to Professors Dayna Nadine Scott and Deborah McGregor. Amanda recently spent her summer working with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Legal Services Branch, where her work focused on provincial regulatory offences and prosecutions. Amanda completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo, where she majored in Legal Studies and Business, with a minor in French. Her focus on environmental law began at this time, as she quickly realized her passion for the field. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys paddling, camping, hiking and yoga.

Maria Anthony

Maria AnthonyBefore attending law school, Maria did her Bachelor of Arts degree in the Crime, Law and Deviance program at University of Toronto, Mississauga where she was able to study in-depth about socio-legal theories and the Canadian justice system itself. During this time, she had also researched on trial completion at the Scarborough courthouse and presented her findings to the Crown Office. Despite her long-standing interest in in environmental concerns and politics since high school, it was only after her undergraduate studies that Maria realized her desire to become an active agent of change in areas of environmental law and climate change. She has since participated in numerous community initiatives ranging from the City of Mississauga’s own Earth Market to local conservancies’ monthly wilderness lectures and programs. Maria is a budding Toastmaster, enthusiast of astronomy and, not surprisingly, loves wilderness hikes.

Helen Willoughby

Helen completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto where she majored in Environmental Studies and Criminology.  These studies instilled in her a passion for social and environmental justice, which led her to the joint J.D./Master of Environmental Studies program at Osgoode.  In her first year of law school, she was a representative on the Sustainability Committee and looks forward to continuing her extracurricular involvement on the executive of the Environmental Law Society in the coming year.  This summer, Helen worked in Belize with the Maya Leaders Alliance as a legal intern through the International Legal Partnership at Osgoode.  She provided support to advocacy activities in Maya communities throughout southern Belize and assisted on cases pertaining to indigenous land rights.  She was also involved with their environmental conservation efforts while working on sustainable forest management programs.  Helen is an enthusiastic animal lover and is currently on the executive of the Student Animal Legal Defence Fund.  She is extremely passionate about the protection of endangered species and habitat conservation.  In her spare time, Helen enjoys travelling, biking and long walks with her poodle, Rufus.

Amanda Montgomery

Amanda MontgomeryAmanda’s road to law school has been somewhat long and seemingly nonlinear.  She first decided to become a lawyer during a co-op placement in Peru as part of a degree in international development and environmental studies.  Inspired by the example of an environmental lawyer working with a community in its struggle against an open-pit gold mine, she recognized that law offered the possibility of using specialized skills, knowledge and access to support less powerful groups and individuals.  However, rather than go straight to law school, Amanda took a 15-year detour – working on environmental education projects in the shanty-towns of Lima, obtaining a Master of Environmental Studies degree with a focus on food systems, managing food-based community programs at The Stop Community Food Centre, and starting a family.  Now in her second year at Osgoode, Amanda is interested in exploring how the law can be harnessed in the fight against climate change, particularly in climate change litigation.  In her spare time, Amanda enjoys gardening, running and hanging out with her 7-year old.

Students 2016-2017

Antonia Bosco JD '18

FullSizeRender 2Before attending law school, Antonia completed her Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies at York University with a specialization in environmental politics. It was here that she realized her desire to effect change in the laws surrounding animal welfare and the regulation of risks to public and environmental health. After university, she worked for several years in Alberta’s gas industry, where she provided administrative and health and safety support to Edmonton's gas distribution pipeline replacement project. Antonia is focusing her law studies on social justice, health, environmental compliance, and common law environmental litigation


Jacqueline Hebert JD/MES '18

DSC_0087 (2)Jacqueline is in her third year of Osgoode Hall Law School/York University’s Juris Doctorate/Master in Environmental Studies joint degree program. Her Master’s research to date has investigated the constitutional and political underpinnings of Canadian environmental law, the relationship between Canadian democracy and environmentalism, evidence-based policy-making in natural resource management, and the intersection of sustainability and environmental justice.  After her first year of Master’s studies, and again after first year of law, Jacqueline was employed by the Director General’s Office at Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate where she gained valuable experience in the development and implementation of federal policies. She also provided research assistance to Osgoode Professor Dayna Nadine Scott on a part-time basis. Jacqueline completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at the University of Ottawa and held a variety of environment-related co-op positions spanning all levels of government. Jacqueline is an avid baseball fan, recreational athlete, and animal-lover.

Jennifer Evola JD/MES '18

Jennifer EvolaJennifer is in her third year of the JD/MES program, where her plan of study focuses on the equity issues in carbon pricing systems. She was a 2015-2016 Rob MacIsaac Fellow at Metrolinx where her research concentrated on the impact of Ontario’s incoming cap and trade system on public transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area. Jennifer is an Event Coordinator with the Environmental Law Society and has held past positions as a Summer Fellow at the Canadian Environmental Law Association. Prior to beginning her studies at Osgoode Hall, she acted as a marketing coordinator, working with clients such as Stewardship Ontario and Hydro One Networks Inc. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts from York University, majoring in Theatre Studies and minoring in Environmental Studies. In her undergraduate studies, she served as the Sustainability Manager on multiple Theatre@York shows. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys running, baking and sketching.

Pearl Lee JD '18


Pearl completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto with a double major in Environmental Studies and Human Geography. She has a passion for corporate social responsibility and sustainable cities, both of which she hopes to foster through policy and community engagement. She has had the privilege of being a part of Toronto Civic Action's Race to Reduce, an initiative that mobilized the commercial office sector to reduce energy use and carbon emissions in the GTA while saving millions of dollars in cost. The initiative contributed to a reduction of 12.1% over four years. Pearl has also worked on environmental projects through the City of Vaughan and at Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions. Pearl currently sits on the executive committee of Osgoode's Environmental Law Society and is the Program Coordinator for Pro Bono Students Canada. Outside of school, you’ll find Pearl on a long run, swimming laps in the pool or finding zen on her yoga mat.

Peter Little JD '18

Environmental Clinic - Bio PhotoPeter completed his undergraduate degree at Queen’s University, graduating in 2014. He majored in chemical engineering, while taking an option in environmental biochemical engineering. Following his undergrad, he enrolled at the Chang School at Ryerson to pursue environmental engineering.  Peter was then employed by S2S Environmental Inc., an environmental engineering consulting firm. At S2S, Peter worked as a project scientist, conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Property Condition Assessments. Following his first year at Osgoode, Peter spent the summer at Metro Inc., working in the legal department. Peter is interested in environmental litigation, air and water quality regulation, soil contaminant remediation, and renewable technologies. He is very involved with Osgoode’s Environmental Law Society, previously serving as a 1L Representative and currently acting as an Event Coordinator. Additionally, he volunteers with Law In Action in Schools (LAWS). In his spare time, Peter enjoys travelling, scuba diving and mountain biking.

Sarah Attardo JD '18

Sarah Jane Attardo EJS Photo

Sarah has a strong interest in environmental law, corporate social responsibility as well energy and water conservation. In 2015, she completed her honours undergraduate degree in in Environmental Studies in Environment and Resource Studies and minored in East Asian Studies at the University of Waterloo. Currently, Sarah is Osgoode’s Environmental Law Society Co-Chair and the Legal and Literary Society’s Second Year Representative. She sits on the Osgoode Community Enhancement Forum where she plans Osgoode community fostering initiatives. Additionally, Sarah enjoys the work she does as part of Osgoode’s Sustainability Committee where her favourite project was a WWF bake sale that exceeded funding expectations. After her first year, Sarah worked as a Research Assistant for Professors Stepan Wood and Faisal Bhabha which she continues to do into her second year. In her downtime, Sarah is an avid adventurer, exploring nooks and crannies of any city she visits. She spends her time running a multilingual blog (English, French, and Japanese), bakes one too many mini cheesecakes, sings and plays a variety of wind instruments – her favourite being the flute.


Sabrina Molinari JD '17

12122694_10206866649498408_5395008776633485811_nSabrina is a third year student with a focus on public advocacy and policy reform, particularly in the areas of environmental and indigenous law. She has participated in numerous initiatives dealing with environmental law since starting her education at Osgoode, including mining, the oil industry and more recently renewable energy in the form of wind turbines. Some of her experiences have included participating in the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project run by Osgoode Professor Shin Imai, working for the County Coalition for Safe and Green Energy (CCSAGE), participating in Osler & Gowling's Environmental Advocacy Moot and working for the Western Wilderness Committee of Canada - where she assisted in the study of the B.C. tailings pond systems and helped the WWC in their fight to have these systems permanently banned province-wide.

Timon Sisic JD '17

headshot_timonTimon assisted the County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE) in the protection of local endangered wildlife habitats and bird migration points. Timon has also been involved in researching the legal and economic obstacles of creating environmentally sustainable housing projects, specifically in New Brunswick. His recent research interest has been Climate Change litigation, specifically the possibility of successful climate litigation against the Canadian government analogous to the Dutch Urgenda decision. Throughout his undergraduate studies, he was the supervisor of the Society for the Protection of Animals' canvassing team, advocating for the betterment of animal rights in Quebec and the rest of Canada. His interest in litigation stems primarily from his mooting experience at Osgoode. Timon is an avid board-game collector and enthusiast, enjoys bushwhacking and caring for his two pet chinchillas.

Students 2015-2016

Akhil BhallaAkhil Bhalla

Akhil Bhalla (JD, 2016) partnered with the City of Toronto where he worked on a variety environmental and sustainability issues facing the City, including environmental assessments of municipal strategic plans, and municipal liabilities and remedies associated with the effects of climate change on infrastructure. Akhil has a strong interest in public law and policy, and a particular desire to see governments move towards supporting an environmentally sustainable future. He is currently also volunteering his time with Law Help Ontario, promoting social justice by helping less fortunate and vulnerable clients navigate the civil justice system. Before attending law school Akhil completed his Bachelor of Arts in History at the University of Ottawa, and he still enjoys reading a variety of historical fiction and non-fiction books in his spare time.

Tori ChaiTori Chai

Tori Chai (JD, 2016) was placed with Ecojustice for the 2015-2016 year where she worked on several projects related to protected species, oil pipeline regulatory processes, contaminated site litigation, conservation authorities legislation, and wetlands policies.  She completed her Honors Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo with a specialization in Environmental Assessment. She is in her 3rd year of the JD program, and currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Environmental Law Society. After second year, Tori summered with Toronto Hydro’s labour and employment department. Before attending law school, she held several co-op and summer positions with various government ministries and crown corporations. She is an avid traveler and loves to surf, snowboard, wakeboard and swim. Her recent adventure trips have included surfing the East Coast and Costa Rica, whitewater kayaking in the Ottawa Valley, and hiking Cadillac Mountain.

Erin GarbettErin Garbett

Erin completed her undergraduate in environmental science at the University of Guelph, graduating in 2012. During her placement, Erin helped Greenpeace Canada with projects related to human rights violations by Canadian carbon producers; environmental assessment law; and legal responses to climate denial. In the past Erin has worked for the University of Guelph, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the City of Guelph Water Services and the private consulting sector. Her work has included: tree coring and analysis, aquatic species sampling, water sampling and analysis and testing cleaning products for environmental regulation compliance. In the summer after first year, Erin completed a 3-week intensive course in Concepcíon, Chile that focused on water governance and Indigenous rights, and worked as a research assistant for two Osgoode professors. After working as a Staff Writer for the Obiter Dicta (Osgoode’s student-run newspaper), Erin is the Managing Editor for 2015-2016 and will be the Editor-in-Chief for 2016-2017. This summer, Erin will be a Summer Student at Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP. In her non-law time, Erin enjoys hiking, baking, reading, writing, playing with her cat and rewatching her favourite movies.

Jessica KarbanJessica Karban

Jessica Karban (JD, 2017) partnered with the East Coast Environmental Law Association. During her placement, Jessica researched and analyzed environmental law issues facing Atlantic Canada. In addition to the EJS Clinic, Jessica also explored her interest in immigration law through her current work position as a caseworker and legal researcher at an immigration consulting firm. In her first year of law school, Jessica volunteered as an administrative law caseworker at Osgoode’s legal clinic, CLASP, and as an advocate with the Health Law Advocacy Project run by PBSC. Jessica received a B.A in criminology and political science from the University of Toronto. After university, Jessica worked at the law office of a sole practitioner, where she provided integral administrative and legal support. When not engaged in law-related activities, Jessica enjoys hiking, camping and snowboarding.


Gun KoleogluGun Koleoglu

Gun Koleoglu (JD, 2016) partnered with Our Horizon. At his placement, Gun worked on legal research, legislative lobbying and drafting of model municipal bylaws for mandatory climate change labels on gas station fuel pumps across Canada. Gun has strong interests in environmental justice and urban sustainability. A biologist by trade, Gun’s love of science and passion for social justice have led him to pursue a career in environmental law. Gun volunteers with Fair Change, a pro bono legal clinic serving Toronto’s street-involved community, and writes for GreenPAC, a non-partisan environmental political organization. Gun holds a B.S. in biology from Middle East Technical University and a B.Sc. in environmental biology from the University of Guelph. Before narrowing his focus to honeybee genetics and welfare as a master’s candidate, Gun worked studied bees across the world, from the tropical rainforests of Central America to the plateaus of Central Anatolia.

Nina MazzeNina Mazze

Nina Mazze (JD, 2016) partnered with the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) for the 2015-2016 academic year. While at CELA, she conducted legal research related to environmental and occupational health and human rights. Nina holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto and has experience in clinical research and medical research ethics. She is a former Co-Chair of Osgoode’s Environmental Law Society and a former President of Osgoode’s Health Law Association. She has worked as a summer law student at the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and as a research assistant for professors at Osgoode.

Nina is interested in public legal education as an avenue for access to justice. She developed a medico-legal workshop for law and medical students to explore health law issues from both legal and clinical perspectives. As part of her EJS research project, she co-created an environmental law workshop for high school students in the Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS) program.


Anna MurrayAnna Murray

Anna partnered with the Sagamok First Nation where she assisted Sagamok First Nation with a project to develop the First Nation’s own legal framework for environmental stewardship on reserve and on its traditional territory outside the reserve.

Previously,  she held several key positions around the world at leading international institutions including the United Nations Global Compact, GlencoreXstrata, Repsol and HSBC. Her expertise includes corporate social responsibility, community relations and human rights, risk management and governance activities.

She holds a Master of Business Administration (International) and Bachelor of Arts degrees, and speaks Mandarin, Spanish and French. In 2012, Anna founded Young Women in Energy, a not-for-profit organization established to champion women’s professional advancement in the energy industry.

Anna is the recipient of several awards including Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 (WXN) and Top 40 Under 40 (Avenue Magazine).

Netta UntershatsNetta Untershats

Netta (JD, 2017) partnered with the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) where she worked on a possible ban on asbestos. Netta was able to combine her Biology background with her legal studies in the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinical program.

Netta completed her Honours Bachelor degree in Biology at York University, where she focused her studies on conservation, biodiversity and ecology, and served as the president of the Biology Society. She piloted and managed a digital repository project hosted in York University's institutional repository, Yorkspace. This project inspired her to study law as she learned about copyright issues surrounding the open access movement.

Netta is a recipient of the Student Achievement Award presented by Mackenzie Health, where she volunteered 150 hours for the Hospital Elderly Life Program (H.E.L.P.) in the Long-term Care Unit. Netta is currently volunteering for the Law in Action Within Schools (L.A.W.S.) Program. In her spare time, Netta enjoys being outdoors, painting and baking.


Students 2014-2015

Joslyn Currie

Joslyn Currie (JD/MES, 2016) was placed with the Canadian Environmental Law Association in the pilot project. She completed her Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto with a specialization in psychology. She will complete the interdisciplinary joint JD/MES program through Osgoode Hall Law School and the Faculty of Environmental Studies. Her research will focus on the intersection between climate change and aboriginal law. She has previously volunteered with Ecojustice and was a research assistant for Professor Gus Van Harten. Joslyn spent her 2L summer working at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change through the Aboriginal Law Summer Student Program and will also article at the MOECC in 2016/2017.


Jachary D'OnofrioZachary D’Onofrio

Zachary D’Onofrio (JD/MES, 2016) was placed with Ecojustice. Zach is in his final year of the joint Juris Doctor and Master of Environmental Studies program at York University and Osgoode Hall Law School, where he presently serves as Co-Chair of the Environmental Law Society. A local controversy over the siting of wind turbines near his family’s farm in rural Ontario sparked his interest in environmental law. He enjoys travelling, and has studied international environmental law in Italy and neotropical conservation in Costa Rica. His hobbies include hiking, surfing, photography, and triathlon.

Zachary has worked for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and for the University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry. He has volunteered at Ecojustice Canada’s Toronto office, and received a Victor Internship in Environmental Law award for his summer placement at West Coast Environmental Law in Vancouver.

Gun KoleogluGun Koleoglu

Gun Koleoglu (JD, 2016) was partnered with West Coast Envrionmental Law and David Estrin. Gun has strong interests in environmental justice and urban sustainability. A biologist by trade, Gun’s love of science and passion for social justice have led him to pursue a career in environmental law. Gun volunteers with Fair Change, a pro bono legal clinic serving Toronto’s street-involved community, and writes for GreenPAC, a non-partisan environmental political organization. Gun holds a B.S. in biology from Middle East Technical University and a B.Sc. in environmental biology from the University of Guelph. Before narrowing his focus to honeybee genetics and welfare as a master’s candidate, Gun worked studied bees across the world, from the tropical rainforests of Central America to the plateaus of Central Anatolia.

Catherine MusekampCatherine Musekamp

Catherine Musekamp (JD 2015) is currently in her third year at Osgoode Hall Law School. During her time at Osgoode, Catherine has completed several research projects related to Aboriginal law, corporate governance and liability, and environmental law. She is also a senior student editor for the Transnational Legal Theory journal. In Summer 2014, Catherine volunteered with West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL) conducting legal research on public interest environmental issues. Last year, Catherine participated in the pilot project for the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic, where she once again worked with WCEL, researching and analyzing legal issues related to climate change. After graduation, Catherine will be articling at Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP in Vancouver, Canada. When not engaged in law-related activities, Catherine enjoys spending time cycling, gardening, hiking, and generally doing anything active or outdoors.

Jessica Rosenberg

Jessica Rosenberg

Jessica Rosenberg (J.D., 2015) was partnered with the City of Toronto during her stint in the EJS pilot project. She is currently articling at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, and she summered with Ecojustice in second year, and the Ministry of the Attorney General in first year. Before attending law school, she held policy positions with the Ministry of the Environment, and the Ministry of Natural Resources, focusing on environmental assessments and land-use planning matters. She also completed an M.Sc. in Resource Economics, and a B.A. in International Development, both at the University of Guelph.


Jessica ZitaJessica Zita

Jessica Zita (JD, 2016) was partnered with West Coast Envrionmental Law and David Estrin. Jessica realized her dream to change the world during her undergraduate years at University of Toronto, where she specialized in Political Science. Following university, Jessica was an integral member of a criminal law office, where she was able to exact change in her community. It was here that she would come to understand how deep her desire was to effect positive, systemic change. Law school was the logical next step in the process of bringing these ambitions to life. Spending her 1L summer at the Sixth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Detroit and 2L summer at Hicks Adams LLP in Toronto, Jessica has a demonstrated focus in social justice, more specifically criminal law. As well, Jessica is a devout vegetarian on the path to all things green. She is committed to making the world a better place - one action at a time.