Can a National Park And Its Trees And Animals Have Rights? Yes! Argues Maliseet Grand Council

By: Christina Persaud The Maliseet put forth a novel “Rights of Nature” argument, opposing Mount Carleton Snowmobile Hub In July 2015, the Government of New Brunswick announced plans to build a $1.4M snowmobile grooming hub at Mount Carleton Provincial Park. The motivation for developing this infrastructure is to promote the tourism sector, increasing the number […]

Can Law be used to Combat the Negative Effects of Gentrification?

By: Riel Hishon (JD Student at Osgoode Hall) Parkdale is a neighbourhood in south-west Toronto, spanning approximately from Roncesvalles Ave. to Dufferin St. from west to east, and Lake Ontario to Dundas St. from south to north. Gentrification is occurring in Parkdale. This is happening through the conversion of rooming houses into single-family homes, high-end […]

Silent Concerns: The Health Effects and Legal Loopholes of Hydraulic Fracturing in Saskatchewan

By: Kristina Hedlund and Garance Malivel (Master of Environmental Studies, York University) Last October, a media report was released by a collective of scholars, students and journalists under the name The Price of Oil. The report revealed that, for years, the Saskatchewan government had been withholding information about dangerous levels of sour gases emitted by […]

Untimely Delays and Ineffective Legislation: Are Court-based Strategies the Answer to Saving Canada’s At-Risk Species?

By: Helen Willoughby In September 2017, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released their Living Planet Report, which revealed that 50% of the monitored species in Canada are in decline.          The decline can partly be attributed to ineffective environmental laws which are designed to protect species at risk.  The WWF report uncovered that […]

How Are Vulnerable Populations Impacted by Carbon Pricing Schemes in Canada?

By: Christie McLeod One of the biggest injustices of climate change is that those least responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change are often the most affected by climate change. This is true on both a global scale and within Canada’s borders. For instance, according to Sarah Trainor et al, many Indigenous […]

Moving Mesothelioma out of the Marketplace: Assessing the Efficacy of Canada’s Proposed Prohibition on Asbestos

By: Aaron Cressman On January 6, 2018, Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada sponsored the Prohibition of Asbestos and Asbestos Products Regulations (the Prohibition) and amendments to the Export of Substances on the Export Control List Regulations (the ESECLR Amendments) through the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). The stated purpose of the Prohibition […]

NAFTA’s Effect on Canadian Environmental Regulation

By: Adam Ferris Negotiations to update the North America Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) between Canada, Mexico, and the United States continue into March 2018. While the American President has threatened the termination of NAFTA if the agreement is not “improved,” Canada’s Prime Minister has also indicated a potential withdrawal if a new agreement does not […]

Remote Cree community expresses concern over land use planning process

By: Professor Dayna Nadine Scott, with Donna Ashamock (MoCreebec) and John Cutfeet (Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug). In February, we were invited to visit Peawanuck, a Cree community in northern Ontario near the shores of Hudson Bay.  Upon arrival, we were immediately struck by the evidence around us of people living off the land -- caribou hides and […]

Energizing the Nation to Nation Relationship: The Rise of Indigenous Participation in the Energy Industry

  By:Hina Farooqi In 2016, Canada officially adopted the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.  One of the declaration’s principles states that signatories affirm that Indigenous control over developments affecting Indigenous lands and resources will strengthen their institutions. Each element of the declaration contributes to the overall goal of the reestablishment of […]